Sunday School

We believe that Christian Education is important for everyone, and we offer age-appropriate Sunday School classes for all ages.

  • Sunday School for children in preschool and grades 1-6, is offered during our 9:30 Sunday School hour. Please look for our Sunday School teachers in the Education wing hallway, which is the first hallway on the left after entering the church building. They will direct you to the classroom for your child's grade level.
  • We offer classes tailored to the needs of children who have received First Communion instruction (typically in the 5th grade), youth in our Confirmation Program (7th and 8th grade), and High School Youth. These classes are typically during our Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30 Sundays) or at other times during the week. Recognizing how busy youth and families are today, we focus on tailoring our Christian Education programs to meet the schedules and needs of participants. We want to work with our youth to ensure they achieve a mature understanding of their Christian faith!


We provide a nursery during the 10:45 service. It is located near the Sanctuary making it easy for parents to look in on their children.

Children and Family

The Children and Family Ministry was formed for youth education and fellowship. Children are a gift given to us by God. We must use every opportunity to “plant the seed” of Jesus’ love and that is what we hope to do through this ministry.

We organize special events for the children, families, and community to promote fellowship and ministry to those groups. Rally Day started out the year with children’s games and ice cream sundaes! The Fall Festival, Advent Adventure, and Easter Egg Hunt are all family events which encourage our congregation to include friends, families, and neighbors to join us in celebrating the love Jesus has for our children.

Our prayer is that the families of Christ the King will strengthen their bonds with each other as we open our hearts and our Church to those in the community. As we teach our children to spread the Word of God to others, we will continue to add more events, field trips, Bible studies and ministry opportunities.


Vacation Bible School is an outreach to the congregation and the community at large. It is open to children, prechool through grade 5. It is a full week of learning about Jesus through science, outside activities, Bible story telling, art and music and of course snacks. All of this connects with the theme of the program. it is non-denominational so the children have a great time as they meet other children from other churches and from the neighborhood. It is held for one week in the Summer during the morning. If you are interested please contact the office.

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