What do we believe?

Lutherans are a church of the CROSS-. We believe that Christ alone; dying on the cross is the source of our salvation. God’s gift of Jesus sets us free from sin, death and bondage.

Lutherans are a BIBLICAL church. We understand the Bible to be the source and norm of faith and life. This requires Lutherans to both know the Bible and understand the Word of God speaks to each of us.

Lutherans are a CONFESSIONAL church. We believe that our fore bearers understood what the Word of God was saying in their day and provided us important writings such as the creeds—Apostle’s, Nicene, and Athanasian, the catechism, and the Augsburg Confession. We regard these gifts as foundations for our own thinking and acting today.

Lutherans are a LITURGICAL-SACRAMENTAL church. We believe God became a human being in order to reconcile us to himself. We highly regard Word and Sacrament as the means God uses to continually bestow his grace upon us. Because worship is the primary place where this happens, Lutherans take worship very seriously as a most important expression of the Christian faith and piety.

Lutherans are a SERVING church. We believe the church is called by God to be the means by which the Gospel is proclaimed in the world. This is done on BOTH word and deed, by sharing the good news and serving those in need. The church is also called to remind society that God expects justice to be sought by all governments and in all human relationships.

Lutherans are a REFORMING church. We know that we are always saints and sinners and that the church can get confused and misdirected. We believe God is always at work within us calling us to renewal and reform.

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